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Graphics Specifications

Ensuring Effective Digital Graphics

To help ensure the success of your project, we’ve included on this page the artwork specifications for your printed graphic as well as some helpful tips. If you need design assistance in concept development or artwork layout of an existing concept, our staff of experienced designers can help you with any phase of your project. Please contact us to learn more.

Artwork Specifications

What file formats are accepted?
Preferred applications are Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign; however, eps, jpg, tiff, psd, and pdf files are also accepted.

What image resolution is required?
Image resolution should be from 100dpi-150dpi (dots/pixels per inch) at the final print size of the graphic. 300dpi images are overkill for large format digital printers. It is also strongly recommended that you create your graphics at 100% of the final print size in order to avoid any problems associated with the scaling of graphics.

What color mode should be used?
Use CMYK color mode for all design objects and placed images. If you are placing saved images in a CMYK layout, be sure that the images are also CMYK.

What if part of my image or one of my design elements needs to match a specific PMS color (i.e., a logo)?
If specific elements of a Photoshop file need to match a particular color, the file must be submitted as a layered Photoshop file with the element or elements on their own individual layers. Color matching for a specific element cannot be achieved if it is part of a flattened Photoshop file.

Design Tips and Best Practices

How do I ensure the best possible color match?
You must provide hard copy proofs, specific Pantone color values or previously printed materials reflecting the colors you wish to match. We cannot guarantee a color match based solely on information embedded in a digital file.

If color proofing is critical, please order a test print proof when putting in your order. It is important that you allow for the extra time needed to have your proof sent to you. A test print is a portion of your image printed at 100% from the large format printer. Standard prints are about two feet square.

Do you have design templates available?
Yes. Design templates are available for each product in the following file formats:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • JPEG

Templates can be downloaded from each product page or from the download page.

What should I include with my file?
Be sure to include any placed images and fonts. If possible, outline or convert all text to paths.

Submitting Files

How do I submit my digital files for print?
We offer three options for submitting your files:

  1. Files under 5MB can be emailed directly to Please include your order number in the subject of the email.
  2. Files over 5MB can be uploaded to our FTP server at
    User ID: graphics / Password: graphics
    Zip up your files as a single file and name the file with the order number before uploading.
  3. Files can be sent on DVD or CD to:
    Frog Island Displays
    ATTN: Design Department
    8425 Pardee Road
    Taylor MI 48180
    Print your order number on the face of the DVD or CD.

What is the turnaround time for graphics production?
Our standard production time is five business days from final approval of proofs. Your final approval is required before production begins.

What if I need faster service?
When you require less than five days turnaround we offer an expeditied service at the following additional rates:

  • 3 days: +10%
  • 2 days: +20%
  • 1 day: +25%